Festival fame for local fruit cartons

February 28, 2017

Artist Sean Rafferty is encouraging people to help him find local cartons for the Shepparton Festival's Cartonography exhibition.

Sydney artist Sean Rafferty’s Cartonography exhibition for this year’s Shepparton Festival promises to be eye-catching and informative.

Colourful fruit cartons will be used as a way of mapping Greater Shepparton and showcasing its identity as a fruit growing region.

This was the first time Mr Rafferty has been involved in the Shepparton Festival and he said it was a good opportunity for him to collect cartons directly from farmers.

‘‘Usually I obtain fruit cartons from the Sydney markets or from shops or just anywhere and it’s rare that I get a chance to collect them directly from a farmer and from the farm itself,’’ he said.

Mr Rafferty became fascinated with cartons after working in fruit shops during university.

He made a few large-scale artworks out of cartons and then gradually became more interested in their origin.

In his project for the Shepparton Festival, Mr Rafferty will create an installation in the form of a map made of cartons.

These cartons will be collected from farms where Mr Rafferty will also speak to farmers and document their stories, which will be added to Cartonography’s digital collection database alongside each of the cartons.

Since arriving in Shepparton at the weekend, Mr Rafferty has visited one farm and collected several cartons.

‘‘We’ve made contact with a number of farmers already and we’ll also be trying to establish contact with people as we go,’’ he said.

Mr Rafferty was looking for more farmers to talk to and collect cartons from and said they could contact him through the website

Mr Rafferty said it was important he met farmers so he could collect the base of the carton from them and even if their carton appeared in the photo above he would still like to meet them in person.

The Cartonography exhibition will be launched at the Shepparton Festival opening night on Friday at 6pm in the Aussie Hotel’s Outside Courtyard, 73 Fryers St, Shepparton.

It is free to come along to the event, but bookings must be made through

You can contact Sean Rafferty on 0406073685. 

Cartonography will continue to be on display until Sunday, March 19 with visiting times Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm and Friday to Saturday from 11am to 1am.

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