SPC tomato season successful

By Geoff Adams

SPC is planning to finish its successful tomato processing season by Anzac Day.

Last year the company’s tomato production was hampered by late rains which hindered the harvest. But seasonal conditions have improved this year and by last week the company had dealt with about 80 per cent of the expected harvest.

‘‘We are expecting about 43000 tonnes for this season,’’ SPC manufacturing general manager Simon Taylor said.

‘‘We had early rains just before Christmas which affected plantings.’’

This is the third year the company has been running its new tomato line.

‘‘This year, with the team knowing exactly what it is doing, the asset bedded down, everything is aligned for a good season.

‘‘And sales are strong.

‘‘Last year we were short on tomatoes but this year we are at about equilibrium with demand,’’ Mr Taylor said.

‘‘So we are maximising our investment.’’

The company also completed a successful peach processing season two weeks ago.

‘‘We’ve had very good quality this season, with minimal fruit fly impacts, which has enabled us to put the fruit through quickly.’’

The apple intake will start soon.