GV BRaIN presents An Evening Featuring Roman Dyduk

August 17, 2017

Join us and be entertained, inspired and uplifted by Polish-born schnitzel expert Roman Dyduk.

Schnitz began its journey in 2007 when founder Roman Dyduk opened with a single restaurant. The Polish-born schnitzel expert had helmed restaurants in the past, all featuring his signature schnitzel on the menu. But this was different. With this restaurant, Roman and his sons Andrew and Tom had a single-minded focus to perfect the art of schnitzel making. The Schnitz way is not that of the production line, but of the perfection line. Each schnitzel is made to order and pan-cooked to bring the best out of our special crumb.

Since those humble but dedicated beginnings, Schnitz has grown from one restaurant to the over 60 that we have today. And they will continue to grow at the same rate that Australia's appetite for our schnitzels grows. Their sole aim is to keep bringing the benchmark in schnitzel making. And to do that, they will continue to combine culinary tradition with modern methods, the freshest ingredients Australia has to offer, and a commitment to make every schnitzel to order.

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