Letters to the editor

By Shepparton News

Knowledge of road rules lacking

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

On Tuesday, May 1, Graeme Quinlan expressed despair at the drivers who ignore changed traffic conditions and clearly consider it is quite okay to sneak up on the inside and push into a line of traffic which has been required to merge into one lane.

A prime gripe indeed.

I spend a lot of time travelling to Melbourne and encounter many roadworks along the way and this occurs all the time.

The bulk of the stream of traffic follows the flashing billboard sign to merge but then along comes pushy Joe speeding up the inside.

My next gripe — hook turns.

So often I see drivers at a hook turn intersection and, while two cars are doing the correct right-hand hook turn from the left lane, ignorant Joe has decided to use the right lane to turn right, against all of the rules, oblivious to all of the honking around him and bringing traffic to a standstill.

I still wonder if people have to pass a road rule test. From experience, my Spanish niece came here to live with us for a while and walked in and got a licence.

No questions. No language.

Then she drove from Melbourne to Shepparton and told me it was fine because you just go straight all the way, stay in the left and only stop when you hit town.

Now there’s logic for you.

Disclaimer: pushy Joe and ignorant Joe are not the same person, and their names may not even be Joe.

Help needed to find the rail line

- Frank Malcolm Numurkah

Could you please explain where this Shepparton railway line is, because the only line that runs through this area terminates at Tocumwal?

I know passenger rail services terminate at Shepparton which, with Mooroopna, has a population of about 43000 people, but freight rail still runs through Moira Shire, population 30000, and into Berrigan Shire, population about 10000.

Passenger rail once ran to Tocumwal and indeed to the 6000 people in Cobram whose spur line is about to be torn up.

How about we start a campaign for passenger rail equality?