Richard's Ramblings

Winter is coming!

By Richard Horton

On Wednesday evening I was at a prayer meeting at the Baptist Church. During our prayer time, one of the ladies who attended gave thanks to God for the change in weather and how it was needed for nature to survive. That got me thinking about seasons.

How often do we hear complaints about the season we are in (me included). I am definitely not a fan of summer. Which makes for a fun marriage as my wife is not a fan of winter but that's another story! 

It seems to be a very natural thing to complain about the season we are in. This isn't limited to the weather seasons. We often complain about the season of our life. We may be in a busy spring season of life and we complain about being too busy. We may be in  cold dreary winter that feels like it lasts a lifetime. Sometimes we enter into an autumn like season where leaves change colour and fall off trees. We even enter into summer where the heat and lack of rain kills. All aspects of life seem to have seasons, from birth to death.

A challenge for us all is to be grateful for the season we are in. Autumn is about to be followed by winter. While we all may struggle with the cold weather, remember that it's a necessary part of the cycle of life. There are times we need to have a winter. Even if it just there so we can appreciate spring even more. 

Let's be grateful for the season we are in, even the hard ones. Remember that after winter, spring follows!

Go Well.