Richard's Ramblings

Healthy mind, body and soul

By Richard Horton

Everyone battles with something. For some it is debilitating. For me it can be like that. In fact it can be life threatening. At other times it can be more of a nuisance. My battle is with depression and anxiety. Over the last few years, they have hit me hard. Real hard.

Maybe on other posts I will talk about how they look for me but I wanted to talk about how my psychologist is helping me to remain healthy. He keeps me accountable on three counts every single day (yeah, I mean is this guy!). I have to tell him what exercise I plan to do, what is my daily activity purely for my own enjoyment and what am I going to do that is creative. 

As I have suffered this torture I am learning something. I am learning that these three things are actually good for me. They are good for my mind and my body. I am physically stronger and I am working towards losing some body fat. The other two help me with my mind. They keep it active in areas that are not always activated in my work. I am being retrained!

The other thing I have been doing that has helped keep my soul healthy is to pray regularly. These prayer times are when I get to stop and listen to God. Someone once said that we have two ears and one mouth because we need to listen twice as much as we talk. I agree. My listening times with God have been instrumental for me to have a healthy soul. I get to stop, listen and reconnect to God in ways that I can't any other way.

I have actually opened my prayer times to others. So, if you feel like listenig together, you are most welcome.

Go well