Power Expo for Farmers

March 23, 2018

Power 4 Farmers = $ for Farmers. Following on from its highly successful Energy Expo in south-west Victoria, Farmer Power has now organised a second Expo for Northern Victoria.

This expo will involve numerous energy providers, financial and technical advisors to present alternative energy solutions and to explain to dairy farmers what their options are for reducing their power bills.

The Victorian Government’s new grants program has been the subject of several detailed briefings with representatives of Farmer Power, so we are well informed about how the grants will help dairy farmers and others. There are also several attractive loan programs which can work together with the grants.

Farmer Power’s program appears to dovetail precisely with what the Victorian Government has planned, and the two initiatives working together will give a significant boost to farmers. We are looking to establish a number of demonstration farms in the first round, showcasing a range of different solutions, and then encourage adoption of appropriate solutions on other farms.

The technologies that can be combined in developing integrated solutions for farmers include:

  • Solar/wind/battery combinations (many different configurations)
  • Biogas/microturbine combinations
  • Control systems that automatically switch from one energy source to another
  • Behind the meter single to three phase invertors
  • Low energy refrigerants for upgrading or replacing old plant
  • Green cleaning technologies
  • Thermal solar and thermal storage/heat exchange solutions.

These technologies can be combined for on grid, off grid or microgrid purposes, with package solutions ranging from saving energy costs to actually generating power as a secondary income source.

I encourage all those dairy farmers who can attend to do so - all are welcome and it’s free of charge!

Farmer Power has already had enquiries not just from dairy farmers but other farmers as well as regional businesses who are also showing interest.

Help make this event a success for all of us. There will be workshop presentations and possible field trips (TBC) during the day.

Remember this date and do not miss out on this great opportunity to help us help you!

Please note that it will help us to plan the catering if you can let us know in advance if you will be there – please email to

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